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membermeister is an idea that developed from our own experiences.

Stefan Richter - Co-founder

"So how do you handle your invoicing and admin?"

When I put this question to my daughter's tennis coach many years ago, he told me that he was managing several hundred members, mainly children, and was doing it all with the help of a few Excel files.

It was clear to me then that his business had outgrown its current setup and he needed help. I couldn't have foreseen that it would lead me to a new business idea that to this day continues to evolve.

At the time I already had worked with web-based software for many years and I thoroughly enjoyed (and still enjoy) having 'real' people interact with the games, widgets and products I built.

Building something from nothing (be it software or anything else) is really exciting, but what I find to be the most rewarding is the opportunity to share and help others.

Building software is an immensely creative process and a job that makes me want to get up in the morning and get to work. It's an activity that I would carry out as a hobby (that's how I got started) and I'm incredibly lucky to have been able to turn what was essentially a hobby into a profession.

I can say that with confidence because I have done it many times - ask me about my failed or abandoned projects!

Stefan Richter
Co-founder, membermeister

Meet our team

[para] I co-founded membermeister in 2011, designing and building the user facing aspects of our app. Now, I work in practically every part of our business, from making contact with leads and customers, to creating and implementing new features.
[para] I co-founded membermeister alongside Stefan, working primarily on the underlying technology that makes our app work. You'll probably meet me if you have an issue that requires a more techinical fix.
[para] I am obsessively organised and love to ensure we are on top of everything. I answer incoming calls, respond to general enquiries, help new customers going on trial, handle the marketing, design, social media and the customer billing.
[para] I help at the initial stage by getting your student and timetable data imported into your account for you.
[para] I work on our website, making it look and function at its best. You'll probably meet me when I help out with support, taking in feedback to make our product even better!
[para] It's my passion to make sure our customers are happy and using membermeister to its full potential, to save them as much time as possible. I help new customers get started and our existing customers with any queries they have.

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